Sweet Dog Mom Gives Extra Love To The Runt Of Her Litter

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In a litter of pups, there is a chance that one of them will be a runt. Runt puppies are the smallest and the weakest member of the litter.

Runt pups are more likely to suffer from various health problems. They also might be more susceptible to dog diseases early on in life since they didn’t get enough nutrition when they were inside their mother’s womb.

That is why some moms reject that pup, especially if their instincts tell them that it might not be able to survive for long. To prevent this scenario from happening, the pet owners will often intervene to try and save the pup. They may try to nurse it on their own, hoping that the runt puppy will live and become as healthy as the others.

But a fur mom named Daisy Duke didn’t reject her runt puppy–in fact, she gave the dog extra love and attention.

This fur mom quickly went viral on the internet because of how she took care of her little runt.
Daisy Duke, a snow-white labrador, had one runt pup out of the eight in her litter. Ever since their birth, she has been giving the runt, Lucy, extra love while also taking good care of her healthy siblings.

A clip of Daisy and her puppies was posted on the YouTube channel “Life with Labradors” in August 2019, and it has been viewed more than five million times.

Many people were amazed by the video, and it gained a lot of positive comments and became an inspiration to other dog owners.

Lucy has been getting the best care from her mom.

It is amazing how there is little to no need for assistance from Daisy’s owner. She has been nursing the pup well on her own. For example, to avoid competition for food, she lets the other healthy puppies go to sleep before treating Lucy to an exclusive feeding time. When Lucy cries, Daisy also whimpers worriedly and proceeds to comfort the tiny pup.

Daisy and Lucy are almost inseparable, and she keeps Lucy warm underneath her. She even makes sure to give the pup extra cuddles and smooches. Despite that, she never forgets to give attention to the rest of the litter.

Daisy’s special attachment to her tiny pup has warmed everyone’s hearts.

You cannot help but be constantly amazed by Daisy’s perfect display of motherhood. She never abandoned her puppy and even nursed her the best as she could. With that, Lucy was able to survive and grow normally with the rest of her fur-siblings.

Daisy Duke and Lucy’s mom started another YouTube channel where they document Lucy growing up. The channel is called “Life with Labrador Lucy.”

On their wholesome channels, Daisy Duke and Lucy give the internet the utmost joy.

The channel “Life with Labradors” has become famous with dog lovers. With over 146 videos ranging from tiny clips of the dogs adorably clinging to their human partners to them parenting their own pups, these gentle dogs have become a source of wholesomeness and happiness throughout the internet.

Kudos to Daisy’s owner for sharing this wonderful video, this just shows us that a mother’s love is the best. Please click the link below to watch the whole thing.

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