Police Dog Feels Uncomfortable In His New Winter Boots

3740 views03 April 2020
Belgian Malinois named Jary joined the Rapid City Police Department in South Dakota in 2016 and became partner to Officer Matt Hower who is carefully keeps it these two years. Together they live in Matt’s home and according to the Officer this 5-year-old dog is very social and friendly.

As well as other police officers, this winter Jary got a new uniform. But, as it show in the video below, the dog could not accept the new boots that should keep his paws from salt, ice and snow.

Mat puts the boots on dog’s paws. Jary doesn’t feel comfortable and immediately starts lifting his legs laughably high, as if to shake off what’s on his paws, but he can’t get them off. The officer tries to help him stop focusing on the boots playing together with dog’s favorite toy. But the game lasts short and Jury again focuses on his new footwear.

Watch the video of Jary’s boot adventure!

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