Man decides to offer ride to hitchhiker, then ends up at her work looking for her an hour later

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It is funny to see how a day can turn out. Sometimes you wake up and think you are in for a normal day when all of a sudden, it can get completely derailed. Life has an interesting way of throwing those curveballs at you!

A man who lives in Missouri, named Brandon McNamee, had one of those days just a couple of months ago. It was a cold winter day and he was simply driving his car down the highway — nothing out of the ordinary.

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That is, until he noticed an older woman standing on the side of the highway holding up her thumb.

Turns out she was a hitchhiker in need of a ride. As most drivers in that situation would be, Brandon was a little bit hesitant. Of course, the idea of welcoming a stranger off the street and into your car can feel like a risky move.

After thinking about it for a second, Brandon decided to take the risk. It was freezing out — a mere 19 degrees — and he noticed that the poor woman wasn’t even wearing a big enough jacket.

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So Brandon picked her up and naturally, the two got to talking. He learned a lot about the woman — her name was Kim and she worked at Wendy’s. Normally she would drive herself to work, however, her car recently broke down and she didn’t have the financial means to fix it or get a new one.

Kim was strong though and took the situation for what it was. She would wake up hours earlier before work to either walk or hitchhike if she was lucky enough to find a kind driver such as Brandon.

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“I ain’t never picked nobody up off the side of the road before. I’m just glad you didn’t kill me,” Brandon said to Kim once he dropped her off at Wendy’s. He was just pleased to find that she was not in fact a murderer!

When Brandon made it back home, he decided to share the sweet story on his Facebook page.

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Once his friends saw the story, they suggested that Brandon raised money for Kim so that they could treat her to an Uber gift card. That way she wouldn’t have to be waking up hours earlier every single day.

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So that’s what Brandon did with the help of his friends. In less than an hour, too. He managed to get her a gift card and some extra cash, just because.

Brandon was back at Wendy’s way sooner than he initially thought — just a few hours after he had dropped off Kim. When he went looking for her at the chain, she was super surprised to see him and naturally wondered why he was back so soon.

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Brandon explained:

“We got you a gift card to Uber right there for $100… And then I know that you said your car costs $200 to fix. Here’s the $200 for the transmission… and then, here’s another $200 in case, you know, anything else comes up.”

At this point, Kim was in shock and didn’t even know what to say. She teared up and thanked Brandon for the kind gesture.

Stories like this really restore our faith in humanity!

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